• Michelle Zheng

How to Expand Your Small Business

Are you wondering how to expand your small business? Here’s some tips and tricks that will help you in the expansion of your business!

To start, a major way of expanding your business is utilizing social media. Social media is a free platform that can be utilized in the benefit of your own business. With the correct forms of marketing, your products will be able to interact with more and more people who are willing to buy from you. A little trick for marketing towards the correct audience is using relevant hashtags. Another way to use social media to expand your business is to send products to influencers and have them review it. By doing so, your product will reach a larger platform, allowing more potential customers. In addition, it would be ideal to use the same username (your company name) across all your different platforms. This allows your followers to access all your websites/platforms without searching different names. 

Another way of expanding your business is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is crucially important because a happy customer would recommend your product to a friend, family and/or make another purchase. If customers leave with a good impression on your product/service, their good reviews will possibly attract more customers. For example, you wouldn’t exactly go to a 1-star restaurant with poor ratings when there are 5-stars restaurants with great ratings. 

Finally, branding is also very important in helping your business and receiving a wide audience. If you have your own brand, it will leave a lasting impression on customers. For example, the bitten apple logo would automatically have everyone thinking it’s Apple. A takeaway from building your own brand is that having a slogan or logo would boost your impression and business. 

With hard work comes lasting rewards. Don’t ever give up hope and be patient. Patience is the key to your hardwork and success. After all, Rome wasn’t built in one day! 

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