• Michelle Zheng

How to Market Towards Your Audience

The first step of owning a small business is ideally creating a platform for it on social media. In this tech-savvy generation, many people use social media to communicate and socialize. Social media is also a platform where people can purchase various advertised products that they take interest for. So, how do you market your business towards your audience? 

Well, you will first have to consider what products or services you are selling. You wouldn’t want to narrow your audience down to only a certain gender or a certain age. For example, in Mercedes-Benz advertisements for their vehicles, you rarely see a person that is in control of the wheel or inside the car. The idea of this is for the audience to not get the idea that only this type of person is able to drive this type of car. Of course, Mercedes is a luxury vehicle that is expensive, so those with lower income wouldn’t typically go for a type of car like this. 

On the other hand, narrowing it down to a certain group(s) may be beneficial because the product you’re selling may only be suitable or appealing to a certain audience. For example, if you were selling handmade slime, you wouldn’t want toddlers to get a hold of it and ideally, elders wouldn’t be exactly interested either. Even if that’s the case, you never know if you’re able to expand the audience towards another group! It all depends on the product you are selling and the idea of which audience your product will bring for you. 

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