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How to Present a Pitch

Are you ready to take another step further to broaden the horizon of your career and ask potential investors for investment? In that case, be sure to prepare a strong and thorough pitch. Here are some main key points that should be included in your pitch:

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Your executive summary should explain what your product/service is and what the purpose for it is. Consider the problem you’re trying to solve through this item.

  3. Consumerism

  4. How does the product/service help the consumer and what type of consumers does it help? For example, if you were to sell travel kits, it would help customers like business people and vacationers since they’re traveling.

  5. Competitors

  6. Identify your main competitors and explain benefits of your product that they don’t have. In other words, how is your product better and why should consumers consider your product rather than theirs.

  7. Budget/Revenue

  8. Detail the amount of investment you are seeking for (and if you’re offering equity of your company as part of the investment, then how much percent?) and how are you going to use this money for your business in the future? What would be the projected revenue for the next two years and how are you going to reach that amount?

  9. Marketing

  10. What is your marketing plan? Are you going to market through ads, paid influencers, social media, billboards, etc? Who is your primary target market and your secondary target market? (Target market means the group of consumers you’re trying to sell your product/service to). 

Although some people think detailing your business thoroughly to the investors is a great idea, it is most definitely not. Your time is very limited so it is important to discard the small details, and instead, hit the main points. Furthermore, if you are presenting through a PPT or presentation slides, keep it short and simple. Try to interconnect the main key points to let your presentation flow. In conclusion, hitting the key points (like the ones mentioned above will enhance the quality of your pitch greatly).

Best of luck to all of those who are preparing a pitch. Here are more resources that go even more in-depth to enhance your pitches:

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