• Michelle Zheng

Turn Your Hobby into a Business

Every year, a new trend is created and the old trend dies down. However, if you are able to utilize the period of time that the trend is still blazing hot, you just might be able to profit off of it. Remember when silly bands were a thing like five years ago? Students were buying and collecting them like crazy. The business-oriented students, on the other hand, would’ve taken it as a chance to sell these silly bands and profit off of it. 

Flash forward to 2019 where slime was a huge thing. Many slime accounts gained a large following and were making a living by selling slime. Although the slime trend was not as popular anymore, there are still loyal slime customers who are willing to continue purchasing it from their favorite slime accounts.

Starting a business selling the services and materials from the current and popular trend would allow you to make fast cash. Trends come and go, so your products and services are ever changing, but with enough people willing to purchase these products, selling trendy items might just be plenty profitable.

Keep in mind, these "trends" usually don't last too long so it would be wise if you buy limited supplies (to avoid money loss). Best of luck!

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