Personal Finance Education Contest

In accordance with the High School Business Association, we are proud to host a personal finance education event with cash prizes and gift cards for the winners. Pick a topic in personal finance and create a 3-5 minute video(for a group) or a 1-3 minute(for an individual) explaining this topic to a younger audience. Registration for this event closes on July 25th so please feel free to register below. All entries need to be submitted by August 1st.

PF Education Registration Form

Competition Registration

If you want to participate in this competition and have a chance at cash and gift card prizes, please register by July 25th.

Females in Business

Tackling the Issue of diversity in business one step at a time

Hosted on July 28th through a virtual platform, we are hosting an event regarding females in business. At this event, we will have female entrepreneurs and female professionals in the field of business speak on their experiences and why it is so important for females to get involved in business.

Business Boot Camp

In accordance with Market Games, Youth in Business is proud to present Business Bootcamp. In a three day period, you will network with other students, learn business fundamentals, and will be able to compete for prizes as well. Business Boot Camp will begin on August 21st and end on August 23rd. Feel free to register with the link provided below!