• Luke Aboudi

Blue Chip Stocks Explained

When investing in the stock market, it is crucial to diversify your money in different types of stocks. Blue chip stocks are leaders in their sector of the market, consistently profiting and growing in business size, and have historically been proven to be reliable investments. A blue chip stock traditionally has a high market capitalization, and the stock holds high importance to an industry. Becoming a blue chip stock takes a while because it is necessary to prove that the stock can withstand time and other conditions in the stock market.

For example, Apple is considered a blue chip stock. Apple holds high significance in the technology sector, has a strong history and profitable business model, and currently has the world's second-highest market capitalization. Also, many other companies that the average person encounters daily are blue chip stocks, such as Microsoft, Facebook, and McDonald's.

Blue chip stocks are essential to any investor to have in their portfolio. They offer a relatively high reward and low risk compared to other types of stocks. In addition, some blue chip stocks offer dividends, which help increase profits for the shareholder. Shareholders can also reinvest that dividend in the same or other stocks to help increase the portfolio's value.

The flexibility and reliability of the typical blue chip stock attracts many investors. Older investors, looking for low-risk stocks, and young investors, looking for high reward stocks, can both dabble into blue chip stocks. No matter age or income, an investor should have a diversified portfolio, and a great way to diversify is investing in blue chip stocks.

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