• Shivam Shah

The Birth of Youth In Business

Through my visits to various communities and assessment of the skills that every community, not just mine, needs, I have realized that financial literacy is at the forefront of all of our problems. In addition, this crucial yet undervalued tool has people scrambling paycheck to paycheck and causing problems such as anxiety and depression. Furthermore, the true need was born in a visit to the Youth Crisis Center that would soon change my life. When I observed that these 18 year olds and other youth that were homeless and were about to be let off into the real world with minimal financial training of the counselor there, I realized that it was time to take action. Even my friends did not know common topics such as a 401k and could not differentiate between a stock and a bond which led me to think that it was important that more youth be exposed to business practices and ways as well as the tools or personal finance so that they could not only make more money in the future but could use this money to make a social impact.

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